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Dear Alumni

It's lovely to see you again! Use your professional career to continue our mission of making better marketers.

Affiliated in December 2010...


First President elected in May 2011...


Where will AMA at IU make an impact next?

"AMA at IU allowed me to grow professionally while making close friends with similar aspirations."

Josh Polansky

Former Vice President of Communications

Class of 2023

Your cherished impact

Your invaluable contributions have significantly shaped the professionalism and growth within the AMA at IU community, especially for incoming freshmen and sophomores. As pioneers, you have paved the way for subsequent generations of leaders to achieve notable prizes and milestones. The memories we created together form a tapestry of shared experiences, binding the community in a unique camaraderie that can only be found here at IU and among Hoosiers.

Your giving empowers.

Your mentorship and collaboration within the vibrant tapestry of the AMA @IU community can take on all forms of giving. We are eager to have you stay involved with us.

Give to AMA at IU

Alumni giving propels our mission forward, funds vital initiatives, and fosters growth. Your support ensures lasting impact and continued success.

Become our guest speaker

Your insights enrich our club, inspiring the next generation. As a guest speaker, your expertise and experience propels young AMA leaders to greater heights.

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