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Who We Are


Our Mission

Making Better Marketers

The American Marketing Association at Indiana University is an all-encompassing marketing organization devoted to educating and empowering members through hands-on experience and professional development to prepare them for their future careers.

What is the AMA?

The American Marketing Association is a professional association for marketers with over 38,000 members. It has 70+ professional chapters and 320+ collegiate chapters across the United States and is continuously growing. As the global leader in marketing knowledge, the American Marketing Association hosts a broad range of conferences, trainings, and events catering to marketers, researchers, and academicians in all stages of their careers. Collegiate members receive the incredible opportunity to join an international network, access exclusive industry news and research, apply for job listings, and even attend national events.

What we do in

As a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, AMA at IU is led by passionate Indiana University students with the mission of Making Better Marketers. We are devoted to educating and empowering members through hands-on experience and professional development. Our members are involved in a variety of boards within the organization ranging from Professional Development to Social Impact.

Our Core Values

AMA Core Values


Transparency brings trust and effective communication to the table. We mean what we say.

AMA Core Values


An achievement done by a team is always greater than that of one individual.

AMA Core Values


A growth mindset is key. Our progress of today stems from our excitement for new challenges.

AMA Core Values


Each member is a valuable tool for nurturing the development of their peers.

AMA Core Values


We value and empower the uniqueness of everyone.

Want to know more?

Meet the Team

Meet our Executive Board, a team of visionary leaders driving our mission!


Explore boundless growth possibilities, career development, and innovative projects with us. Your journey begins here.

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