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Boards & Committees

To get the most out of your AMA at IU experience, you can join one of our boards or committees. Joining allows you to become more involved in the organization. Our boards and committees offer valuable insights into the inner workings of AMA at IU while allowing members to contribute and develop their various skill sets.

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Executive Team

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Professional Development

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Case Team

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of the Co-Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents. This board meets weekly with faculty advisors to represent the voice of AMA at IU and hosts monthly leadership meetings. The Executive Board works with all leadership members to provide guidance and support while ensuring all organizational visions and goals are upheld.

Working Together on Project
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The Communications Board connects AMA at IU members with opportunities within the organization. By sending weekly newsletters, updating the website, running social media accounts, and crafting campus-wide promotions, this board creatively communicates upcoming events and promotes the benefits of AMA.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development Board strives to create an environment for members to engage and grow as professionals. By engaging with industry experts and IU alumni, the board is able to plan corporate treks and roundtable events to expose members to different types of marketing careers.

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Social Impact

The Social Impact Board aims to inspire a culture of activism and philanthropy by providing opportunities for members to create positive impact in the community. Through volunteering opportunities and fundraising initiatives, this board provides a broader context for members to understand marketing’s impact on society.

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The Membership Board recruits new members through AMA at IU's presence at involvement fairs, flyers & class slides, and call-out meetings. Social events are planned to engage members and build a network within our chapter. The overall goal of the Membership Board is to retain members for the duration of their time at Indiana University.

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Candy Stripe Consulting

Candy Stripe Consulting is AMA at IU’s very-own marketing consulting agency that caters to local businesses. It fosters growth in members by providing real-world consulting experience and a chance to apply their marketing knowledge.

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Case Team

The Case Team is a group of 10-20 hand-selected students, working together in the Fall semester on the National AMA case. These students contribute to each step of the case process, including researching, brainstorming, strategizing, writing, and editing. By the end of the term, the team develops an aesthetically pleasing 40-page recommendation for Nationals to review.

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