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Candy Stripe Consulting

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Candy Stripe Consulting is AMA at IU’s Consulting Agency! Our mission is to provide AMA-ers at Indiana University with the opportunity to gain real-world consulting experience. By working with clients in the local community, AMA-ers are able to gain knowledge and skills in marketing strategies, content creation, website management, market research, and more. Composed of diverse individuals coming from different majors, interests, and skills, we aim to provide a unique generational perspective in addressing the client’s marketing needs. 

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Services Provided


  • Conduct primary and secondary research

  • Analyze competitive landscape to identify market opportunities

  • Create SWOT analysis to identify areas of improvement 


  • Manage social media and blog content

  • Design infographics and brochures

  • Enhance website user interface and experience



  • Analyze client’s revenue and cost streams

  • Create a cost-benefit comparison of current and recommended marketing efforts

  • Create implementation timeline of proposed solutions 

To learn more about Candy Stripe Consulting and how to get involved, visit us at .

Interested in joining? For more information about CSC, follow us on Instagram @CSC.AMA and check out our LinkedIn page! If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please reach out to us at or visit us at

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