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Team Members

23 Students
7 Boards
1 Goal: Make Better Marketers

Lucas Kroll


Jolene Chung

External Consultant

Maddie Hickle

Board Manager, Membership

Ty Fulton

Board Manager, Professional Development

Emily Kulkarni

Board Manager, Social Impact; Philanthropy Co-Chair

Joshua Polansky

Vice President, Communications

Gowri Salem

Board Manager, Communications

Ivan Mathew

Vice President of For Profit Engagements, CSC

Drew Gatman


Chloe Meyer

Director of Internal Operations

Neel Revankar

Board Manager, Membership

Lindsey Hendler

Board Manager, Professional Development; Professional Development Workshop Committee Co-Chair

Emma Klein

Board Manager, Social Impact

Zantha Buirse

Board Manager, Communications

Shane Alonso

Case Team Co-Lead; Consumer Marketing Workshop Co-President

Makayla Christian

Vice President of Not for Profit, CSC

Sejal Gupta

Executive Vice President

Caitlin Chval

Vice President, Membership

Sydney Breitbach

Vice President, Professional Development

Eesha Bansal

Vice President, Social Impact

Meera Baid

Board Manager, Social Impact; DEI Committee Co-Chair

Melody Lin

Board Manager, Communications; DEI Committee Co-Chair

Becca Bambrick

Internal Vice President, CSC

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