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Impact Consulting

Our mission is to inspire a culture of activism that generates positive social impact in our local community. We leverage our marketing skills and knowledge to provide personalized marketing strategies to local nonprofit and for-profit organizations. We achieve this by providing a semester-long consulting team experience that connects talented and ambitious AMAers to local businesses in need. Our AMA Impact Consultants are committed to problem-solving, taking initiative, and thinking creatively through gaining skills in market research - together, we can create the biggest impact. 

What we do 

  • Analyze business problems through SWOT analysis

  • Conduct primary and secondary research regarding business problem and current situation 

Market Research

  • Dedicated to helping drive positive impact in the IU and Bloomington community 

  • Combine consultants' desire to learn with the desire t connect with and help local businesses

Community Focused Project Approach

Strategic Recommendations

  • Create high quality, research-driven reports with recommendations to solve business problems 

Previous Clients


Malibu Grill is well known in Bloomington as being an upscale restaurant that provides its customers with premium food and a quality experience. The restaurant wanted to expand brand awareness on Instagram to encourage more Bloomington residents to come to the restaurant.


Based on primary and secondary research, we produced data-driven recommendations that included: Instagram campaign ideas, content consistency methods, branding strategies, partnership suggestions, and much more to help increase social media awareness in the Bloomington community.

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