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Our Committees

To get the most of your IU-AMA experience, joining one of our several functional committees allows you to become more involved in the organization. Committees offer a valuable look into the inner workings of IU-AMA and allow members to contribute and develop their various skill sets.

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  • Hosts different philanthropic events and fundraisers to raise money for charitable organizations around Bloomington.

  • Events

    • Fall

      • Professional headshots to benefit Bike to the Beach, raising money and awareness for Autism

      • Ongoing Bingo Board to benefit Monroe County Community Kitchen where members raise money

    • Spring

      • Volunteer event at the Monroe County Community Kitchen

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  • Hosts events that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the American Marketing Association at IU.

  • Events:

    • Fall

      • Kahoot and Presentation about DEI in Marketing

      • An etiquette dinner to learn about business etiquette in different countries & cultures

    • Spring

      • Marketing panel with Kelley School of Business faculty on the importance of DEI in business

      • Food event to learn about the various kinds of food across the globe

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Professional Development

  • Hosts events that help develop AMA at IU members professionally through workshops and trainings.

  • Events:

    • Fall

      • LinkedIn workshop to enhance members' profiles to capture the attention of recruiters, as well as tips

      • Resume workshop to strengthen members' credentials to stand out to recruiters

    • Spring

      • Cover letter workshop

      • Mock Interview “Speed Dating” (each person will ask each other 1-2 questions, then move around the room)

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Competitions Committee

  • Build the team in the Fall semester and prepare the team to compete in at least 5 competitions in the Spring

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