AMA at IU

Case Team

Work alongside award-winning faculty and peers on a year-long event, in competition with 100+ other AMA collegiate chapters across the country, to work on a business challenge submitted by the sponsoring organization.

The 2021-2022 case sponsor Amazon Prime Student, an Amazon one-stop shop of delivery deals and other services for higher education students, is seeking the perspective of AMA students to develop a well-rounded recommendation. Our challenge is to create a Gen-Z-focused marketing campaign that increases:

  • Prime Student consideration

  • Trial memberships signups

  • Prime Student benefits engagement

Click here for the application:

What We Can Offer You


  • Conduct primary and secondary research

  • Analyze data to understand trends


  • Work alongside some of the best and brightest Kelley students and faculty

  • Be mentored by case leaders and AMA faculty advisors 


  • Learn and utilize upper-classmen level software, such as Qualtrics, SPSS, Stata, InDesign, and Photoshop

Contact the Leaders

Apoorva Kandra

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Shane Alonso

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