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Guest Speakers

Ivan Stefanac


Ivan is the current Global Creative Effectiveness Lead at Google. While based in Paris, France, he has spearheaded some of the Google Team's most interesting and innovative work, like explorations into Demystifying Authenticity. In addition to his current role, Ivan has gained a great deal of compelling experience as the Head of Market & UX Research at Deezer, a music and podcast company. With his eloquent communication skills and grand experience, we are thrilled to have Ivan speak with us!

Lauren Bitar


Lauren is the current Head of Insights at RetailNext, an e-commerce shopper analytics company for brick-and-mortar stores. She has an extensive background in retail and project management, which led to her previous role at RetailNext as the Direct of Retail Consulting. Her analytical expertise has raised a lot of opportunities in the company, whether it’s helping retailers understand the data or leading company-wide innovation projects. We are extremely excited to hear about her work!

Sophia Sherbin Gutoff


Sophia is the current Brand Integrations & Communications Strategy Director at Everbridge. As a data-driven marketer, she has a wide range of experience with brand management and analytics. She will be sharing a case study relating to her work on brand strategy for tech acquisitions, which will show different tech companies’ brand strategies, the approach, and where Everbridge fits in. We could not be more delighted to hear from Sophia!

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